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Manufacturing of deer harness.


Manufacturing of deer harness. On all the questions connect us on the factory’s phones.

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They are made of solid waterproof material, Have an increased volume and simple system of fixing the saddle. There are pouches for one and a half liter containers from both sides. Under the lid of the bag there is a special flap that doesn’t let little things fall out or make the contents wet. The […]

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They are for amateurs of active leisure and just for those who loves skiing and sledging. Combined harness for skijoring. It is made of a ribbon with leather insertions. It has got a soft background for more comfort of a horse. With the help of the buckle the reliable fixation of the ribbon becomes possible. […]

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Anatomical pad


This blanket is necessary for the anatomical fitting of the saddle according to the shape of your horse’s back. It is made on the basis of different types of felt blankets. It is used while bouncing or saddle swinging on the horse’s back; with a curved back; with an asymmetrical horse back; with a low […]

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