Our company produces and realizes saddlery products – that is the accoutrements for horses and ponies.

The Llc “Orlovskaya” is the largest manufacturer of the saddlery goods in Russia. The firm has been working since 1993. There are more than 300 articles for equestrian sports, festive and trotting gear, agricultural gear, equestrian tourism and hunting among our assortment.

Our production is well – known all over Russia by its reliability and quantity. The technological process is thoroughly controlled from the beginning till the end. The people have been working over ten years here and they have all necessary skills.

We have been providing The Presidential Horse Regiment since 2006.

The Mounted police of such cities as Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Barnaul, Saratov, Ivanovo, Krasnodar and many others use the ammunition of our company.

We have been supplying saddles and harness to the frontier troops of the Federal Security Service and to the Defence Ministry of Russia for many years.

We are in close collaboration with the former Soviet Republics as well as with the near and far abroad. For example, we delivered more than 350 sets of saddles for the Ministry of Defence in Turkmenistan in 2012, there were supplies for the Mounted police to Kishinyov to Moldova Republic, to Kazakhstan and Ukraine in 2013. Besides, our products are in popular demand in China and United Arab Emirates.

We have been working out special harness for huntsmen of The Caucasus Nature Reserve since 2004. The Trans-Baikal Reserve also uses our goods.

We have been providing saddles and accoutrements for the emergency service of Russia since 2011.

Our specialists have made the historical saddle presented to Kazan on its thousandth anniversary.

We are in close collaboration with “Mosfilm”. The saddles in such films as “Taras Bulba”, “Ivan the Terrible” are made by our factory.

We equipped the equestrian expedition “The Great Silk Road of Fyodor Konyukhov” in 2009.